Tibet, a land of mystery, adventure and spirituality; a home of legends, awesome landscapes, artistic monasteries and centuries-old caravan trails, Tibet is a destination out of an ordinary, long closed to the outside world. Tibet offers trekking trips from short one day to month long as per ones requirement whether it is a pilgrimage trek or a mountain expedition. Tibet has lots of trekking routes for adventure lovers but the treks are not practical in the winter as the temperature goes very low (-30 to -40ºF) and also the days are much shorter. The better months to trek in Tibet is from June to September. But it really depends on your route. A normal winter Tibet tour schedule is quite comfortable, because towards first of winter, the tourist rush is not much and you can enjoy the beautiful scenery freely, but towards middle of winter it is tough due to very low temperature.

Everest region, Kailash Mansorovar region, Namchag Barwa, Kharta Valley, Ganden-Samye, etc., are some of the popular trekking routes. Besides these you also can find plenty of virgin trek destinations where along with trekking you will encounter with vanishing culture of nomadic yak herders, Buddhists pilgrims, Ganden and Samye monastries, etc. Trek to Namtso will take you to heaven, place of desolate beauty and the site of a holy hermitage that draws pilgrims from all over Tibet.

The requirements needed to trek in Tibet is only two, one is Chinese Visa and another is the travel permit which is issued by Tibet Tourism Bureau. Tibet's high altitude and the atmosphere allow the sun's solar radiation to strike the earth with unusual intensity. To protect your eyes and skin, you'd better to bring the sunscreen, which with a sun protection factor of 15 and sunglasses are also useful.

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