Amazing Authentic Treks & Expedition Pvt. Ltd. specialist in the Himalayan countries offers various package and special private tours/treks in Sikkim & Darjeeling. We also specialize in tours and treks to Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan & India (except Ladakh) offering various programs to suit different interests such as culture, history, nature, wildlife, bird watching, treks and expedition for both groups and individuals.


Sikkim- the land that unfolds your imagination. Traversing you through excitement, thrill, adventure and a myriad of ecstasy and joy in flora, fauna, landscape, white-topped mountains and off course! friendly people. Small but beautiful, SIKKIM is cradled by the towering peaks of the mighty Himalayas including Mt. Kanchanjunga 8,586m. (Protector deity for the Sikkimese), the 3rd highest mountain in the world. SIKKIM with area of 7,300 Sq. Km. shares her borders with Tibet in the north, Bhutan in the east, Nepal in the west and the state of West Bengal in the south.

It's unique and drastic variation in altitude ranging from 244m. to over 8,540m. offers her visitors a very rare lifetime opportunity within a matter ofhours to experience the changing lifestyle, flora & fauna from the sub-tropical heat of the Indian plains to the cold of the rugged mountain slopes that reach the areas of perpetual snow.Memories of your Sikkim holiday are enriched by the lingering impression of gorgeously decorated Buddhist Monasteries and Hindu temples featuring Lama dances with fierce masks, unique music and chants, invocations made to the Hindu deities, and illumination festival of love and affection.


Queen of the hills Darjeeling-rightly called "Queen of the hill" situated amidst the grandeur and beauty of the mighty Himalayas with Mt. Kanchanjunga. And exhilarating holiday resort from the days of the British Raj in India still maintaining its Victorian grandeur. This is where the best tea of the world is grown. Darjeeling hills are mostly inhabited by Sherpas, Lepchas, Nepalese, Tibetan, Sikkimese and Bhutanese. Through the lush green hills of Darjeeling, climbs a special railway affectionately called 'Toy Train' or Flower-Picking Train' covering a distance of 50 miles to Darjeeling in eight hours.

Ladakh - Zanskar

Ladakh the Northern most part of India and the largest of the three constituent geo cultural unit of the state of Jammu and Kashmir, is a highly elevated cold desert where human habitation occurs at altitude exceeding 4’000 M. Situated approximately between 32-25 degree north latitude and 35-80 degree east longitude. Ladakh occupies a very strategic position in Asia, presenting as a frontier province of India where three international border meet, while in the past some of the busiest trade route of central Asia criss crossed here. Two of the world’s mightiest mountain range: The Karakoram and the Great Himalayan surround it in the north and south respectively. Geographically the northwestern extension of high and dry Tibetan plateau. Ladakh falls in the yellow belt as the Himalayan wall exercises a severe check on the flow of humid air from the southern plains. Consequently, rainfall is scant and the general terrestrial features of the area are dry and deserted like. The draught in combination with the incredible elevation produces a highly rarefied atmosphere, which is marked by great fluctuation of seasonal and diurnal temperature.

Spread over an area of 97’000 sq. km. Ladakh is alive repository dwindling Tibetan culture heritage. Thousands of religious and cultural monuments in the form of monasteries, nunneries and hermitages dot its eerie terrain. It is in the Ladakh alone one can still savoring the variety and beauty of unique and self-contained Himalayan Civilization Known as "Little Tibet," Ladakh has a rich culture, which still supports numerous active monasteries. Perched on high cliffs and hilltops, these monasteries appear as guardians over the starkly beautiful landscape. We will spend several days acclimatising in the valley prior to setting off on the Trans-Himalayan journey, visiting the famous monasteries (called gompas) of Hemis, Alchi, and Tikse.

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