pilgrim tours

Pilgrimage Tours

Nepal is home to many Hindu and Buddhist pilgrimage sites and the Himalayas is considered the abode of the gods. As the Hindu scripture Skanda Purana cites, “In a hundred ages of the gods, I could not tell thee of the glories of the Himalaya. As the dew is dried up by the morning sun, so are the sins of mankind by the sights of the Himalaya.” The country abounds in many temples, monasteries and shrines visited by the devout followers of their respective faiths, which include the places of worship of other religions such as Islam, Christianity, Bon, Kirat, Jain and Sikh and some of these sites are located in the Kathmandu Valley, the capital city, while others are situated in different parts of the country.

We offer pilgrimage tours to these religious sites and some of the planned itinerary and the tour programs. Please contact us for details.